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Tuesday August, 24, 2021

Open Letter to Liberal Candidates regarding Outstanding Land Grievance in Simcoe North


My name is Kaikaikons, Atik Clan of Gchimnissing Anishinaabek Territory also known as Johnny Hawke of the Anishinaabe Community of Gchimnissing located on so called Christian Island on Georgian Bay. I am writing today to inform you of an initiative I have been involved with this past summer and including the past several years and request that you attend a RoundDance event I am organizing in Tiny Township and see what dates you would be available to hear such concerns that involve the grassroots Indigneous and Settler Communities of Simcoe North.

In 1990 the Chippewa Tri Council- Beausoleil First Nation, Chippewas of Rama, Chippewas of Georgina Island filed a Claim to the Specific Claims Branch regarding 50,000 Acres in Simcoe County that were not to be included in the 1795 Penetanguishene purchase but was rejected by Canada. I have been in contact with Ceyda Turan of Turan Law Office who was influential in representing the Williams Treaties First Nations in our 2018 Settlement Agreement. She confirmed our communities position that there are in fact outstanding land grievances our First Nation’s need to pursue in specific area’s in PreConfederation Crown Treaties 5, 16 and 18. The Liberal Member of Parliament Candidate for Toronto- St.Paul’s, Carolyn Bennett currently has a cottage on such contested land and we would like to address some concerns in the Spirit of Nation to Nation at our gathering if you two attend and how you would help in such concerns if elected and reelected.

On July 25, 2021, I was charged with mischief for occupying a peaceful encampment on Wahnekening Beach, Concession 13, Tiny Township for allegedly being on private property where I was educating the public on our ties to the land in question and exercising the Human Right to Water. This is a total injustice while the Minister of Crown-Indigneous Relations enjoyed her summer and colonial privilege in the same contested lands at her cottage on unseeded Anishinaabe Territory while I was criminalized for exercising my inherit rights. This is an issue that may be of interest for you two to address at our event.

This summer I’ve also been working to unite Indigneous and Settler Communities of Simcoe North around this issue in a common effort and have gained huge support and alliances from the Settler Communities in regards to Beach Rights and advocates for the Alliston Aquifer as well as York University and Humber College in my efforts to create and build bridges between our communities. 

Attached is letters of support of the work I’ve been doing including building bridges between Indigneous and Non Indigneous Communities in Simcoe North. Please respond on availability of dates that you can come and sit and hear our concerns from both the Indigneous and Settler Communities of Simcoe North concerned with our Rights to the Land and Water. If unable I am sure your colleagues from other Parties such as NDP or Conservatives would like to visit and speak on such issues.

In the Spirit of Truth and Reconciliation,  

Kaikaikons, Atik Clan

Johnny Hawke

Need Help Donations and Fundraising for Gathering

Without Indigenous Rights -there is no Beach Rights. Access to Water for All…

.Need Help in Gathering and Feast on Christian Island. For the Island Support on our Collective Fight to Educate and Exercise Rights. **Monday, August 23/21. Event** on Christian Island.

I am requesting help for:

-3 Jugs of Vegetable Oil

-2 Sacks of Flour-3 Baking Powder(s)

-100 lb. of Potato bag(need 2)

-5 Heads of Cabbage*

-5 bags of Carrots*

-5 stocks of Celery*

-5 bags of Onions* -Celery Seed* -5 Cases of Water* -Cutlery, Plates, Forks* -Tartar Sauce*

**If we can get supporters to confirm on what they can help with, I would very much appreciate all help 🙂 Please Drop off at Veronique Lacroix (705) 529 2325 ** Miigwech! ❤ Or Etransfer to


Thunder Beach Resident welcomes Indigenous Encampment on Property

Anishinabek Clans to Invoke our Nation 

Johnny Hawk

705 528 2585


Monday August 9, 2021

Thunder Beach Resident welcomes Indigenous Encampment on Property

Veronique Laqcroix and Johnny Hawk at 361 Thunder Beach Rd, Tiny ON AT Laqcroix’s Residence

Two weeks after being arrested for Mischief for occupying private property on Nottawaga Beach in Tiny Township, Anishinaabe Land Defender Johnny Hawk of Gchimnissing Anishinabek (Beausoleil First Nation) in a continued effort to create awareness of a historical land issue has set up his fourth encampment this summer on Private Property in Thunder Beach on Monday afternoon.

Hawk was arrested July 25, 2021 after a week of occupying beach space on what is allegedly private property and feels the charges are an act of discrimination and breachesof internationl law in regards to his inherit Indigenous Rights to what he claims as Unsurrendered Lands that Tiny Township Occupy’s.

“ The area I set up on shows on the Simcoe County and Tiny Township Online maps that I was not on Private Property. I have a right to access water in which I have been denied and part of my conditions on my release also is to not to make noise after 8pm in Tiny Township, a result of me drumming ceremony songs.” says Hawk

Since June 21 Hawk has set up two tipi’s in Thunder Beach, Balm Beach and Tiny Beaches to what he says is unceeded, unsurrendered Anishinabe Territory.

Hawke has support of the local communities who he has  organized with through a Facebook Group called Beach Rights to advocate to all peoples right to access water.

“I’ve met Johnny through Beach Rights and when he set up his first camp at the dock in Thunder Beach andI have been a big supporter of his initiative.” explains Veronique Lacroix a fourth Generation Resident of Thunder Beach and of French and Metis descent. 

“ I’ve allowed Johnny  to come an use my property and set up his tipi as a space to gain the attention of the Federal Minister of Crown and Indigneous Relations, Carolyn Bennett who has a cottage in Thunder Beach and who has to drive past my house.” says Lacroix

Hawk says he strategically established his camps in Thunder Beach to gain Minister Bennett’s attention.

“Her cottage is on lands misappropriated by the Crown from the Chippewa’s of Lake Huron and Simcoe in an 1811 provisional agreement and which Tiny Township occupies. I was arrested unlawfully for exercising my rights while she gets to enjoy her privilege on stolen lands. She needs to address these matters and this long standing grievance in which my community submitted a claim in 1990 regarding such lands but was rejected by Canada. Everyone has a Human Right to access Water.” says Hawk

Thunder Beach is located on the Southern Shores of Georgian Bay neighboring Beausoleil First Nation on Christian Island, 175 km north of Toronto Ontario.


Johnny Hawk

705 528 2585

Callout: OPP want to Remove Land Defender from Unsurrendered Lands infringing on Rights

CALL OUT: Johnny Hawk has been occupying Beaches of unsurrendered Negik Clan Anishinaabe Territory since June 21, 2021 on various spots Tiny Township unlawfully occupies. On Monday July 19 he moved onto what is assumed to be Private Property, Beaches on 13th Concession on Nottawaga Beach. OPP are attempting to remove him and will be mtg on Monday July 26 morning. Documents Below show he his not on Private Property but unceeded unsurrendered Indigneous Lands as well Simcoe and Tiny Townships website show the spot he is on is not Private but what is termed “open space” Come Support Johnny on Monday and film the OPP’s attempt of removal. Johnny Cell 705 529 3676. Help Call Update Media

JOHNNY’S CAMP/TEEPEE is located on beach not designated as private property


For Immediate Release
Wednesday June 30, 2021

An Indigenous Land Defender from Chimnissing Anishinabek (Beausoleil First Nation) who has set up an encampment in Thunder Beach, Tiny ON for a week to create awareness of a unceeded territory in which the Crown- Indigneous Relations Minister has a cottage on has announced a rally-march for July 1, 2021.

The Rally is to provide a platform for voices from the local Indigneous Community to educate the non-indigneous in a non confrontational way who are occupying missapropriated lands of the Chippewas of Lakes Huron and Simcoe, (Beausoleil, Rama and Gerigian Island First Nations) The Event also is a demonstration of reoccupying territories in the spirit of the Land Back Movement and holding space to be a visible representation of Indigenous Sovereingty.

Confirmed Indigenous Speakers are Anishinabe Grandmother’s and Young Women who will talk after the march on topics such as Intergenerational Trauma from Residential Schools, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Clan Governing Structures, History of the Area and Constitutional Issues. Drummers will share songs and a feast is being provided in protocol of covid precautions.

The encampment erected by Chimnissing Anishinabek community member Johnny Hawk termed the occupation a mobile Heritage Centre and has been set up for over a week and has been educating the local non-indigenous and building a movement with local Beach Rights Activists.
The March will begin from Church of St Florence, 150 Green Point Rd, Thunder Beach Tiny, ON to Thunder Beach Dock Company, West Shore Drive to hear Indigenous Speakers from the Georgian Bay Area.

For more info contact: Johnny Hawke @ 705 529 3676


Johnny Hawke 81 Ogema Miikaan

Gchimnissing Anishinabe Aki 705 529 3676

Minister of Crown-Indigenous Relations 10 Wellington St, 21th Flr, Room 2100 Mail Stop 2100-BH Gatineau, Quebec K1A 0H46 Email: Phone: 819-997-0002
Beausoleil First Nation 11 Ogema Miikaan Christian Island, ON L9M 0A9 705 247 2051

Tiny Township Council 130 Balm Beach Rd W Tiny, ON L0L 2J0 Phone: 705-526-4204

Monday June 28, 2021

Open Letter regarding Negig Clan Heritage Centre Encampment Campaign


My name is Kaikaikons of the Atik Clan from the Negig Clan Territory of the Anishinabek Nation and referred to by the Crown as John Hawke 1410167801 of Christian Island Indian Reserve 30 A. I am writing today to inform you of an outstanding grievance regarding the unceded lands of the Negig, Atik and Naame Clans, (Chippewa Tri Council) also referred to by the Crown in the Upper Canada Treaties as the Chippewas of Lakes Huron and Simcoe.

I am not an elected official of the colonial, racist and gender discriminative Indian Act system which is in breach of International Laws that protects fundamental Human Rights through the International Covenants Canada is signatory of. It is through my inherent Anishinabe rights and fundamental Human Rights and responsibility to my Clan, the Anishinaabe Constitution that I address such matters I speak of, exercise and protect.

On June 21, 2021 I erected what I am calling a Mobile Heritage Centre on unceded Territory of the Anishinabe Negig Clan (Aisance Band) in which I am a community member of. This is an encampment that is exercising inherent rights to occupy our territories in an effort to engage in cultural practices and educate our communities on the historical land injustices and to work together with concerned members of the local non-Indigneous community to find practical solutions to our shared grievance of being denied access to water, a fundamental human right upon said unceded territories.

The Unceded Lands, 50,000 Acres in which this encampment is situated on are lands that were unlawfully taken and misappropriated by the Crown by the 1795 Penetanguishene Purchase and through an 1811 Provisional Agreement including other lands in Pre Confederation Treaties 16 and 18. Coincidently the Crown-Indigneous Relations Minister, Carolyn Bennett has Property on such lands in Tiny Township and whereas Tiny Township is also unlawfully located on.

The Encampment is ongoing to educate our communities in which we have only experienced positivity from our non-Indigenous visitors where we are set up in Thunder Beach, Tiny ON. The Mobile Heritage Centre-Encampment has been respectful, has protocols to be alcohol and drug free and keeps our area we are using clean and safe. In short our intention is to unite our issues with the non-native communities concerns of our “traditional” access to lands and beaches and to bring all those who are concerned and grassroots and elected officials, private property owners together to find a solution that is practical for all.

In Conclusion I would like to add the attempt to remove the encampment from such unceded lands of the Negig Clan Territory by Tiny Township or other Crown Entities is unlawful and in breach of international laws which may come with consequences in an International Criminal Court and may only contribute to frustrations being felt across Canada is regards to Canada’s relationship with Indigneous Nations and Peoples in which I feel Tiny Township may not want to be responsible for. Below are some documents that legitimize the historical grievances.

In the Spirit of a Nation to Nation Relationship
and Truth and Reconciliation

Kaikaikons, Atik Clan Johnny Hawke 705 247 2120 ojibway