Walking Ego’s so full of Shit they can’t Fly

Exposing Ego and Hypocrisy within Social Change

By Johnny Hawke  ACTION

Within our Social Movements a common phenomenon that we all experience is the “Walking Ego” syndrome.  Some of the People at the forefront of attention and movements seem to fall victim of their ego. These selfish people forget they are representing their supporters and comrade’s and discredit not only their own reputation but others involved and the movement by nurturing their Hypocrisy and Ego. They are the cause of why support is lost and future good intentions do not get off the ground. They become Walking Ego’s so full of shit that they can’t fly.

Elizabeth Brass Elson of Anishinabek Nation Martin Clan has been active for many years incorporating her own business, Seventh Generation Management INC an initiative for the protection and resource management of her people’s resources. Elizabeth along with another Anishinabe Kwe, (Women) helped to start a weekend sacred fire vigil in the spring of 2009 on the proposed Simcoe County Site 41 Dump construction site near her Nations Territory.

Elizabeth Brass Elson Ojibway Martin Clan, and of ACTION blocking Roads with Sage

The proposed Dump Site 41 was sitting on top of a pristine underground water aquifer which serves local wells and when polluted by the dump would’ve contaminated the surrounding waters and Georgian Bay, Anishinabe Territory.

After their weekend vigil fire keeper Johnny Hawke decided not to leave and that exercising Anishinabe Sovereignty, Two Row Wampum, 1764 Niagra Covenant Chain Belt and challenging the Government of Canada’s illegal Indian Act with its stipulation which Canada gives itself the Fiduciary Duty of Indian Lands was very much needed to be spoken about and acted upon. So he told the women he was staying in which the rest of the camp followed.

Elizabeth and the other founding Woman of the vigil both held positions that required them being impartial. Elizabteh was a Councillor of her First Nation and her friend was employed by the Canadian Government and both felt pressures to be silenced on expressing their responsibility as Anishinabek Woman to protect the Water. So they allowed another Anishinabek Kwe to be the voice of the Camp whose name we’ll give respect and won’t mention but refer to as “Walking Ego” or the Warden of Beausoleil First Nation.

Warrior Hawke Brothers directed by the Women to fullfill the First Law of the Land

The Camp was located across the construction of the Dump Site on a farmer’s field which by permission of the Farmer was made into the main Camp. The Fire Keeper John Hawke who is an active member of a certain society like the two women felt the need to practice humility, an Anishinabe virtue and remain silent when Media was present. So the voice of the Camp was represented by one person, “Walking Ego.”

During the encampment support grew and fellow “aboriginal” people came responding to a Call-Out and working with the settler community of farmers successfully shut down the illegal Dump Site which broke Ontario’s Environmental Laws. The Settler Community of Farmers empathized with the struggles First Nations face daily by themselves being called Criminals, seeing Government break their own rules for profit, and being arrested for exercising their rights.

Anishinabek and White Settler Communities Unite against Government

“Walking Ego” caused many divisions by making uninformed outlandish comments to the media which represented all people involved. Media attention caused her ego to explode which caused more divisions amongst all parties involved. Anishinabe Spirituality kept the group together ignoring “Walking Ego” which led to Site 41 success. This Site was in the works for 20 years and it took the devotion of six months of Direct Action started by a Clan Mother and a Warrior to win this fight. Even though somebody’s Ego caused division Unity still prevailed. (Thank you to my Brother Gavin for those words RIP.)

This Past 2010 my best Friend and Cousin and Warrior and Firekeeper of Site 41 Gavin Jameison drowned in the water he fought for along with Elizabeth Elson’s son Matt Elson. It was a sad time for our Community. We had a sacred fire which I watched until their bodies were found and continued it untill after the funeral.

Ojibway Warrior Gavin Jamieson Blocks S41 enterance, RIP

“Walking Ego” got up during the wake and funeral services and talked about her invovlment of Site 41in which turned into a shameful self promotion, while Elizabeth and I wept by our beloved lost family members.

“Walking Ego” is now the Union of Ontario Indians Southeast  Commissioner for Water representing the Union of Ontario Indians due to her “alleged” starting and victory over Site 41. She is also an initiate of the Three Fires Midewiwiin Lodge which she also speaks on behalf. She has made her self known recently for publicly announcing by email that only qualified Anishinabe Midewewiin should conduct any Aboriginal Ceremonies that is requested in Southern Ontario. She has hurt many other Indigenous people of other Nations particularly Mohawk Environmentalist and National Aboriginal Achievement Award recipient Danny Beaton who was apart of the Site 41 struggle before the Anishinabe were even involved. She has publicly slandered his name commenting that he his not even aboriginal and has no business conducting ceremonies in the area and that qualified Midewiwiin people have that right.

She has upset many non-native Allies and Politicians in the settler community for her Egotistic and Nazi-Spiritualist behavior. She is now representing the Union of Ontario Indians and the Three Fires Midewiwiin Lodge and is making these institutions come off as Dictatorships in this Region.

ACTION condemns this hypocritical behavior and ACTION has no ties to “Walking Ego” just because ACTION was an influence on the successes of SITE 41 and is located in Sovereign Anishinabek Territory an area which she claims for the Union of Ontario Indians and Midwewiin under her strict Cultural Rhetoric.

ACTION recognizes this territory belonging to Anishinabek allies, the Wendat Nation our trade partners and allies during pre-contact. We have continuously defended this territory for them from the British Crown, USA and recently Ontario Government and Simcoe County. Also ACTION recognizes that the Haudenasaunee People who we also have alliances with and share territory in what is known as Southern Ontario.

ACTION exercises its alliances with other Indigenous Nations and therefore respects their freedom and the freedom of practicing spirituality anywhere one desires and condemns this Dictatorship Behaviour of “Walking Ego” and the organizations she Represents.

I have also come across an online “Aboriginal United” group who’s “leader” presents himself as a “Warrior” and advocates for our Aborginal Women, Elders and Children exercising Non-Violent Direct Actions.  This is another “Walking Ego.” He has made it known by his actions that his groups is all about waving signs and marching and thumbing their nose at authority and posting it online for sake of ego.

His reputation in our circles is becoming well known and it’s becoming tarnished along with his group which has 4000 people online. Recently an Anishinabe sister was treated unjustly by this “Leader” due to his Ego.

ACTION condemns this group because its leader does bot respect our First Law of the Land which honors our women. He has disrespected a sister within our Nation and Warrior Society and as a Warrior who respects the First Law of the Land and who gets my authority and direction by Women I condemn his Group, which out of respect won’t mention.

He has made one of our Sisters feel insignificant because she wasn’t waving enough placards for his satisfaction. There are more ways of helping the movement then waving flags, everybody plays a part and every action counts. Even if it is not in your “activist groups” region and how insignificant it may seem every action helps. Reading his site it comes off as another Dictatorship, fighting for social freedom and suppressing the ones he’s fighting for. He represents 4000 of you online.

It is time to put the drama away, humble the ego with our Teachings and Beliefs and unite. Remember the teachings of the Warrior Flag and our own Nations teachings. We are not making  this movement a Religion and it is not all about the messenger but the message and practicing it.

I am Kai Kai Kons, Little Screaming Hawk, John Hawke, you have my commitment and on good authority I am not a “Walking Ego” To some of us our movement is not about waving flags and getting on television.

” Unity Shall Prevail” – Gavin Jamieson Ojibway Warrior Turtle Clan

In Memory of Matt Elson and Gavin Jamieson

8 thoughts on “Walking Ego’s so full of Shit they can’t Fly

  1. What I get from this message, its that you are trying to discratidate a woman who seems to have fight by herself…I dont know that woman yet…But my intuition tells me know that your intention are not good at all…just saying…


    1. Come again out on Beausoleil First Nation and just come observe, par take in discussion with community members maybe you will share my view point after a while of observing this certain person my house is open..

      Watch the video I am not the only one amongst many others in our camp to share the same views.

      Thanks for the comment


  2. Way to tarnish the image of ACTION John! I really took interest in your blogs and agreed with many of the valid points you were making about the many hypocrisies that exist within the system. That is until you stooped to a low such as this blog. To publicly use defamatory remarks about a person who you have used clear implications of in this post only discredits your good intentions and that of ACTION. You do not deserve to be a representative of such a noble cause.


    1. Defamatory requires use of name….LMAO So does slander,

      Tarnish was all apart on your client, who was slandering, defaming others in our group in an email that was distributed too all the people she was attacking, Im gonna see if I can post all those email just to verify some harsh realities

      I am not the only one who thinks this of your client many in our Community and outer communities. Even our Chief and Council of past and present has had there fair share of her antics.


  3. So I guess when someone who is an accredited spiritualist can defame and slander others in personal email but its not okay for us down to earth Nish to do the same without using names in a personal blog…

    I will put my semma down for you people who need healing

    I aint no hypocritcial egotistic dictating spirtualist, I just Real Babbbyy…..


  4. @ Kaikaikons

    I think you really need to ask yourself whether or not posting emails of a “personal” (which you yourself have stated) conversation is really going help anything. Atleast the one person (presumably my client, LOL) had the decency to question certain things that they themselves have been hearing about the recipient of said emails. Unlike yourselves who would rather make sweeping generalizations about the whole issue and jump to conclusions. I have to admit that I myself don’t know the story fully but I know as adults, I have faith that there will be a time when these issues will work themselves out without resorting to malicious and immature attacks as a catalyst for doing so.

    To claim that “my client” (LOL)is “accredited” gives me the impression that you hold this person in high regard and find it necessary to look for a way to tear them down. Maybe jealousy has something to do with it? I can’t claim to know that but there really is no point in the actions you want to take other than serving your own means in resolving a personal vendetta and addressing hurt feelings. Is this person really that threatening to you?

    In the meantime you really should let the issue go. Your words give off a sense of frustration and anger so I think you should let cooler heads prevail here and think the matter through before you go and do something that will most likely reflect negatively on yourself and your group.

    To quote you: “Even our Chief and Council of past and present has had there fair share of her antics.”
    SO WHAT! Just because “my client” (LOL) is outspoken and holds community leadership accountable by taking action doesn’t mean that they should be chastised for their efforts. If anything a community needs more people like that to make sure things get done! As if you can diminish action and effort into “antics” which is only what you will be performing by posting “personal” emails.

    If you are “REAL” you will help in finding peaceful resolve instead of looking for ways to further divide.

    BTW, Definition of defamation:
    Defamation—also called calumny, vilification, slander (for transitory statements), and libel (for written, broadcast, or otherwise published words)—is the communication of a statement that makes a claim, expressly stated or implied to be factual, that may give an individual, business, product, group, government, or nation a negative image. (emphasis on IMPLIED)

    Here is another definition:
    Defamation: a false accusation of an offense or a malicious misrepresentation of someone’s words or actions.

    I may have used ONE word out of context but atleast you got the “just” of what I was saying which is all that matters.

    I will offer semaa for yourself, your group and “my client” (LMAO) in hopes that you guys will find a way to pull together instead of finding a way to tear one another down.



  5. Hi Everyone
    My name is Vicki Monague and I served as the spokesperson for the Anishinabe Kweag Group at Site 41. This letter is about me, as it makes direct connections to my personal life and any individual reading this knows that it is about me. I am not a communications person but I took the initiative to ensure that our movement was heard of far and wide. I wrote all communications for the group and was the one who looked up the email addresses and contact information for every First Nation that I could find online in order to engage support for our movement. I sacrificed the safety and security of not only myself, but my children, I sacrificed three job offers and put myself into the line of fire for being a spokesperson, by not only my own community members but people all over who still continue to scrutinize me like a politician or elected official. But I am not a victim; I did what I did to the best of my abilities. This job was mine because no one else wanted to do it. In retrospect, had I had known that me being spokesperson would have caused so much hurt feelings between the members, I would not have taken on the role. Unfortunately, the Anishinabe Kweag group of women who started this protest have thus broken up and moved on with their lives, let alone a few who still wish to hang on to the identity of themselves they created there.
    I want to address the concerns regarding the private email that I sent to Danny Beaton. Danny and I have on-going issues related to Site 41 that are personal. There is much more to the story behind why I wrote what I wrote, but trust that my intentions in writing them were honest, true and I tried in the best way I could to address things that I have been a privy to recently that were very serious allegations, misuse of the culture of aboriginal people and took advantage of our non-native Site 41 friends. I will not go into detail regarding this because I am not interested in publicly bashing Danny Beaton (which is why I wrote him in a private email) and he knows that he can talk to me any time to discuss these issues. The circulation of this private email was more of an automatic defensive response for which I hold no ill will. I felt that if Danny had asked to do things in our territory it would limit and significantly reduce people from being taken advantage of, once again, this was expressed privately.
    I do not need to be a rocket scientist to know that right now we (as aboriginal people of Turtle Island) are seeing a mass scale of cultural re-emergence. The First Peoples of Turtle Island are looking for their true way of life given to them by the Creator. It is important to me that people conducting ceremonies are doing them in a good way, true to the intention of the ceremony and true to the ancient ways of the Tribe for which they are being done. This ensures that we are not sending out incorrect information to the future and prevents people from being hurt. I really don’t see this as a bad thing and I think of all the children who are out and about in our non-native communities who perhaps need to hear the words of our Elder’s. I think first and foremost, we need to be promoting all our Elder’s of all our communities and using and learning from their knowledge more, because when they pass, so does our access to our own invaluable traditional knowledge. At no time in my email to Danny Beaton did I make reference to being inclusive of Midewiwin Elder’s.
    In this re-emergence of the culture and the language, we also have many people who are non-native looking this way too, eager to learn our ways. It’s important that people who are learning about the Anishinabe way of life, learn from the Elder’s of our communities who have the true knowledge and history, this avoids them being taken advantage of when they are vulnerable. Even some of our own people, who want to learn, can sometimes be taken advantage of in this way. This is why it’s important to me to be inclusive of our community Elder’s, as they are the ones who have the life time of sound reputation to be teaching others.
    Personally, I do feel that the Anishinabe People need to be included in everything that happens on our territory, we have the direct connection to the Spirit of this land and to me, this land knows who we are. I do apologize if my conveying that to Danny was taken out of context or maybe I didn’t have the proper words to convey it. I made absolutely no reference to the Midewiwin way of life or the fact that I am an initiate, one would actually have to be keeping personal tabs on me to know that I am an initiate as I didn’t put out an official statement or press release to make it public knowledge.
    I know and love the other lodges and faiths of our people, I have been so lucky this past year to learn some of the teachings of the Blood Tribe, Woodland Cree, Stoney Lakota, Coast Salish, Dene and in hearing these I have learned that all teachings are true and very beautiful. Our diverse way of life, in my opinion is what makes us a beautiful people, but it is important the ceremonies are done by the Elder’s who know how to do them, that includes the Haudenosaunee people, they have a mass of very strong traditional elder’s who know carry their true ceremonies. I have thought long and hard about my views on this even prior to making my intentions to become Midewiwin known and prior to my involvement with Site 41. I am not Midewiwin yet, but I do feel that it is an unfair connection between my relations with Danny Beaton and my being an initiate to label the entire Lodge.
    Everywhere I go and everything that I do, the first thing that I look for is the First Nations representation, and this is something that you don’t need to be Midewiwin to recognize. And if there is no representation there, then I request that the Elder of the closest community be invited to attend, without bias to the lodge. We need to hold on to all our sacred teachings, whether they be Midewiwin or of the 4th Fire or any other Anishinabe way of life, and we need to, in my most humble opinion, hold on to them with dear life. Even the teaching of the non-traditional Elder’s are important and need to be shared with visitors and non-native residents in our territory. This can only strengthen the relations between the people who have an inherent right to this land and the people who currently occupy it.
    I too sat a place where I only looked at the negativity in some people who call themselves Midewiwin. I too let that at one time deter me from entering the Lodge. It wasn’t until after a long time of learning other ways of life, going through a lot of personal ups and downs that I was able to come back. In my healing from addiction to crack-cocaine, it was the Lodge and my faith in the Creator that helped me to overcome that long and hard fought battle and it was time for me to try to learn to walk the rest of my life in a good way, which is why I passed my tobacco. I share this with everyone in hopes they will better understand me and not be so quick to judge those who are Midewiwin or the Lodge in its entirety as it has helped countless people on their healing journeys.
    While yes, some Midewiwin may be perceived as bad or negative people, that is their path and there is something they need to learn from living their life that way. The Midewiwin Spirit is beautiful and it’s a beautiful way of life to live, this is what called me back. In every group of people, there will be those who are perceived as negative in the eyes of others, but once we start bashing and condemning each other, we give in to the social status norms and oppressive behaviour that have contributed to contemporary social-hierarchy in North American that has resulted in so many of the world’s problems today. This act, in my opinion, is also working from ego, which no one who walks on this Earth today is without.
    I know Johnny means well in his post and I applaud him for coming to the defence of Danny Beaton, especially after not knowing all the facts. Any good friend would come to the defence of another. He would not have done this if he wasn’t convinced he was doing his people a service. If it makes people feel better to do these types of things, then by all means, go right ahead, although I find it a low blow that people would use a man on his healing journey, who is currently on house arrest for assault on a woman and knowing he has anger issues, to convey their own personal feelings of hate, jealously and rage and something that I have had to inform the police of because I now fear for my safety as these personal attacks are now being done in public every time John sees me.
    I do apologize if people feel that I took something away from them at Site 41, but really I am just me and I struggle to survive just like everyone else does. I have my ups and downs, I am human and I too will sometimes make mistakes. I will continue to be who I am and try to work for the good of our people with good intentions as I do feel that if we are ever to progress in our communities, we all need to have a communal responsibility.
    Sometimes, I feel we as a people are so hurt and so oppressed that it’s hard for us to ever see the good in others. Some people get so used to living life in chaos that when the chaos ends we need to create more which is the direct result of hurt people, hurting people. I continue to try to have compassion for those who are hurt, but at the same time, I have my life to live and a young family to raise and cannot waste my precious life’s energy in dwelling on what I personally perceive to be the negativity of others.
    In the law of duality there is always a positive and a negative in the whole, sometimes we tend to forget the positive and look towards the negative only, which, like the teachings of Yoda, Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, or something along those lines. The good thing is that I believe we as a people have all the tools and resources to us to be able to facilitate our own healing as a Nation and build us back up to the level of strength of what we once were, these tools include our culture and language. We certainly will not get there by tearing each other apart. We all have our own paths to follow. We are a strong people, but we could be so much stronger.
    As for the Site 41 community that this article speaks to, I always continue to re-iterate that Site 41 would not have been won if it was not for the will of the Creator to do so. It was the Creator who brought together the unique individuals with their unique gifts to make a collective effort work and every act of kindness towards the movement was needed, every prayer was heard. I don’t remember anyone electing John to speak on their behalf at the recent Site 41 function, nor was I asked to leave or faced any ill treatment, even post my email being circulated. The unfortunate part of Site 41 is that now that it is over, everyone wants to take personal credit for its success and this has caused so much animosity between the main individuals involved. It’s important to remember that there are many people who know what they did and are content with just having contributed to a collective effort. I wish everyone who sacrificed so much to be there would have received accolades, as they are all deserving.
    We have so much work to do in our communities to make us more sustainable and to build our Nationhood back up to what it once was, I can’t help feeling that we all need to be “traditional” (and that’s not to say Midewiwin), we all need to be “Commissioners for the Water”, we all need to be “Ogitchidaa” and we all need to work together collectively for the good of all. We all have to be leaders and participate in positive discussion that leads to community building. We have to be able to effectively communicate our feelings to each other to be able to better understand one another and our intentions.
    One of the main problems in our communities that I hear continually is that our connection with one another is lost. The introduction of technology has enhanced certain areas of our way of life, but degraded other areas. We no longer look towards helping each other, understanding each other or being there for each other. Acts of kindness towards one another is automatically perceived as something else negative and our automatic conditioned response is “what are these people getting out of it” when something is done to help someone else. This to me signifies how much healing needs to be done for our people. I feel we need to learn how to believe in one another again.
    Since my involvement with Site 41 I have come to learn about many serious issues regarding the Fresh Water Resources of Turtle Island. Many of our communities continue to face boil water advisories, do not drink advisories, many without adequate treatment facilities. I am thankful for this movement awakening me to these issues because otherwise I would not have known. If we are going to ensure a healthy life for our future generations, we must all be “Water Commissioners”. I will continue to be an advocate for the Spirit of the Water in my personal life, regardless of any title bestowed upon me, because that is how important my children, grand children and great grand children are to me. I have put time and effort into learning and researching everything about water that I can so that I may be able to continue to work towards contributing to what I call “the Universal Awakening Water Consciousness”.
    As for me making $1000’s off Site 41, everywhere I have gone and spoke about Site 41 has for the most part been at my own expense, although at times, I have been grateful to get the little bit of money that I do which helps me to pay for travel and babysitters, condemn me for it if you wish. I have actually had to struggle to be able to share this story and at times, I can think of much better things to do with my time. I am sorry that invitations for me to speak about Site 41 and my involvement has hurt or belittled the involvement of others. No one’s involvement was without need or purpose and I continue to convey that everyone had an important role to fulfill, although, I have not gone anywhere to speak about Site 41 in months and months, nor do I wish to any longer. Prior to John’s article being written, I had moved on to re-building my own personal life. I actually had no access to this article what so ever online and personally don’t have access to the internet.
    I had initially not intended to respond to this article because I recognize it as being a form of healing and a way of letting go, but I decided to use this article as an opportunity to be able to facilitate some positive discussion around the issues contained within. I hope it will result in all of us working collectively to be included in all activities on our traditional territory, reclaiming our connection with this land and ensuring that what’s being done in our territory is true to the culture. With all of my heart and my being, I wish the best for John Hawk and the community he apparently speaks on behalf of. I will not reply to personal attacks and posts of this nature as I feel it creates destructive negative cycles that people feed off of and takes away our energy from being the productive Anishinabek that we were meant to be.


    Vicki M. R. Monague


  6. house arrest for assault on a women? Pleaase..

    Get you facts straight hearsay and assumptions can cause you to be sued and you have just showed your true colors..Keep talking its like your telling on yourself how you really are..

    The charge was Public Disturbance for voicing up against a Social Worker who has exemplified Bias, Conflict of Interest, Coercion in an incident she intervened in. Contact Enaahtig Helaing Lodge and ask for Robert Nelson Court Worker 705 330 4059 etc 67 or Garry Edie Lawer 705 527 4646. I give you permission to inquire about my charges and they are aware that I give them permission for people to ask about me.

    I had a Diversion and this person who charged me for creating a disturbance which is not even a criminal charge and a diversional charge, more less a fine is being investigated by BFN HR for her behavior against our community. I am not the only one that has brought her issue up to Chief and Council, there is a large number.

    I and this person have forgave each other in a most humble way and are now working on our friendship again but that doesnt mean i dont agree with her behavior.

    I have also been charged for assaulting two men in Barrie which has been dropped.

    Watch what you say..Im libel to sue for Libel and Slander but I will not because that is not my way…

    If you want to see my Record I am very transparent and if anyone wants to inquire about my record go right ahead I will give you permission to go through my CPIC and its available upon request

    Yours Truly, The Hawk


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