Tuesday June 11, 2012

TORONTO- Two young men from the Anishinabek Community of Beausoleil First Nation located on the southern shores of Georgian Bay near Penetanguishene On, will be handing in their Status Cards at the Ontario Regional Indian Affairs Branch in Toronto today in an attempt to emancipate themselves from the Indian Act.

“Being chained to the Indian Act is not representative of who we are as the Anishinabek Nation. By agreeing to these status cards we are agreeing to accept policies that are in breach of our Nation to Nation Agreements we have with the Crown.” explains Richard Peters one of the Anishinabek Men.

The two Anishinabek Men are also currently reoccupying their people’s Traditional Territories where for the past three months they have established reclamation encampments in Coldwater On and Awenda Provincial Park in opposition of their communities acceptance of the Coldwater Narrows Experiment Settlement Offer which calls for the Abosolute Surrender of their Traditional Territories.

” We are not Indian we are Anishinabek with agreements with the Crown. Through this action we are publicly announcing our emancipation from the Indian Act and reject the representation from any Indian Act governed entities that claim authority over the Sovereignty of the Three Fires Anishinabek Confederacy. We acknowledge that the Indian Act Band Chief and Councils are modern day Indian Agents who are accountable to the Canadian State. This action is not to be mistaken as an extinguishment of our entitlement to the established Treaties. We will be taking future arrangements where treaty entitlements and lands are not to be withheld or governed within this illegal Indian Act Band system.” explains Johnny Hawke.

The pair are reestablishing Anishinabek Clan Governance and Traditional Indigenous Alliances at these camps. They will be rescinding their Indian Status at 1pm at the AANDC Regional Offices 25 St. Clair Avenue East Toronto, Ontario.

For more info Contact

Richard Peters/Johnny Hawke


  1. What we need is more warriors and less military.
    A member of the warrior society was dedicated to preventing trouble if 
    at all possible. He/She was dedicated to protecting the children, the 
    weak and infirm at all cost. He/She was dedicated to serving no matter 
    the cost. He/She would put their own life on the line anytime to 
    preserve the life of another. He/She Didn’t have to go very far because 
    they were needed right where they were to provide stability, peace and 
    laughter as well as a example of what a warrior truly was. Military 
    despite the hero like mystic attached to them are primarily trained 
    killers who do that job all to well. Yes we need more warriors. People 
    who give of their time, resources and lives for the protection and 
    betterment of all. I am proud to have known and learned from many 
    members of the warrior society. Perhaps we need a return to the warrior 
    society, with members living and serving in every nation, every state, 
    every community in the world.

    Big Tree 6/6/2012


  2. Wow this is an amazing press release!


  3. megwetch to our younger ppl who are sick and tired of the abuses that kkkanadian/american goverment has been doing to our ppl and their is a new generation again of warriors but the warrior spirit remains the same thats our connection,and our men and women should be trained in a matter to protect our nations what ever means necessary to defend against these oppressions but the sad thing today because of so much generational abuse caused by residential school and the kidnapping of our ppl ,sad to say it is our own ppl who now are the oppressors and sell outs under the inac system (good lil injun syndrom),and we need to go back to our 7 teachings its common sense knowledge… when our young ppl want change we need to support them and Mother Earth,waters,our exsistence (future) is screamingout to our ppl… PROTECT defend and take back our languages …..i say this with good heart not hate in sisterhood


    1. I agree. I am catawba and cherokee indian and we have been raped psychologically.The oppressor does not even have to be present, we have sellouts all over the place.. we must keep fighting. Aho..


  4. Awesome! Brave action! The Anishnabe peoples were well-established and sophisticated societies with their own traditions aand governance systems that offer important protections for natural persons even in these contemporary times. These original jurisdictions of the land currently administered by the incorporated Canadian State must be recognized as essential elements of the genuine heritage of the human family. These sophisticated nation and confederacy systems should be understood to still exist under the protection of customary law at the international level. They are of international character. Colonization interfered with their continued existence and influence. We have the right to preserve our heritage with integrity and identify and resist the continuing colonial corruptions. In Canada we have a unique situation within the territory of the Kichi Sibi Anishnabe, the Algonquin Nation. We have a traditional governance that has not come under domestic policy, that has a record of innovative international political contribution, and is located within unceded territory. The Algonquin Nation has never ceded jurisdiction or territory. The Algonquin Nation, the Kichi Sibi Anishnabe, has acted in solidarity with their Anishnabe family since time out of mind. Let’s make the Algonquin Nation Treaty an international pilot project that will integrate the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and establish a process that will give proper recognition to the existing rights these men are courageously asserting!


  5. sad to give these rights up we were to think of our childrens childrens childrens so sad people cant see past there nose in there all about me world ……Kiwatino Muskiti Bishiki Equay …… spirit of the (north buffalo calf woman)…….i AM NORTH BUFFALO WOMAN am from Thunderchild Band of the Cree First Nation


  6. “I am assuming that the actions being taken by these two persons is the same as a rejection of any colonialist Acts and regulations.


  7. Colonialist here, displace ancestors from Scotland, grand baby Cree, members of family Ojibway. Look to old history, so the same thing doesn’t happen again. The Crown is the Wolf in sheep clothing.


  8. We need to launch a National Indian Act (Indian status control here) class action lawsuit involving some 124 sections of this oppressive,discriminatory,colonial Indian Act law while enforcing treaty status (emancipation status) law & inherent rights …lets all move forward instead of backward under the reime of the Indian Act! I wrote my Master of Arts thesis (7chapter book now available on CD ) on the Indian Act back in 1987 earning many awards (including receiving a deerskin scroll from a National Elders Circle) over the years for exposing the truth when it was not popular to speak that truth let alone write about the Indian Act for academia and the general public.


  9. A National Indian Act class Action lawsuit is LONG overdue—I wrote MY Master of Arts thesis (7chapter book) in 1987 on the Indian Act (now available on CD)-receiving several national & regional awards over the years plus Eagle Feathers for writing the truth-National Council of Elders (AFN) deerskill etched scroll honoring my work …time to enforce treaty status law & inherent rights NOT Indian Act oppressive colonial discriminatory law ! No more poverty and discrimination under Treaty status & inherent rights enforcement.Plus a huge compensation package regarding a National Indian Act Class Action lawsuit dealing with some 124 Indian Act sections.


  10. hi, are these two brave men also on facebook ? and btw. does
    Anishinabek Confederacy to Invoke Our Nationhood have a facebook page ?


  11. ” We are not Indian we are Anishinabek…” Ha ha. I love it. And mean while Her Majesty’s Indian Chiefs and their elders for hire barely even recognize our true identities. The fifth fire is almost over; the sixth fire will soon ignite. Young Anishinabek will push Her Majesty’s Indian Chiefs out of power, the people will abandon their relentless pursuit of colonial rights, and we’ll go back to Dodem which is the way of responsibility and the true way of being for Anishinabe people. What comes after that is the true rebirth of our nation and the reclamation of our country. Good work Johnny Hawk.


  12. All Nations should be doing the same thing (Enjoying our way of life and protection of our peoples). Back to Treaty, Inherent Rights to be honored, get rid of all these agreements that are being forced on our people, stripping us of who we are as a Nation.


  13. handing the cards back is an admission,. what proof do they have you are subject or a citizen therefore subject the the constitutional benifits including the indian act,

    Its up to any court to prove that they have gained constitutional representation if you admit to being a canadian/indian the you became your own witness to that fact, through self identification.


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