5 thoughts on “DON’T VOTE FOR ME

  1. I am a Mikmaq woman who wrote my Master of Arts university thesis (7 chapters -200 page book now avaliable on CD) on the oppressive Indian Act law in 1987 (some 25 years ago!)receiving eagle feathers from elders for writing the truth when it was very unpopular (still on blacklist in my own community!) to speak let alone write about that oppressive colonial law .Im so pleased with your actions its undescribable-so validating and healing.Welalin…the torch is being passed on by young leaders such as yourselves.Our annual powwow at Eel Ground First Nation New Brunswick (my Rez) is held this July 19-22 so do drop by if you got the time. By the way the current Indian Act chief and his team held an Indian Act election rally last month (May) on those same powwow grounds where the annual powwow is held…what do you think of that… Also high time for a National Indian Act Class action lawsuit…just imagine the feds apologies & Huge compensation on some 124 Indian Act sections over time since 1876 when the Indian Act was originally legislated!!! With Indian Act removal Indian affairs dept is removed….transition time of 20 or so years involving enforcement of FULL inherent rights & treaty law enforcement-resource revenue sharing etc (keeping enviromental safety in check) –no more poverty and oppression:)


  2. and sooooooooo a National Indian Act (IA)Class Action lawsuit is the only realistic way out (been discussing this in many forums over the years and NO follow through yet!!!)-a realistic follow through for our treaty status & inherent rights….Indian Act colonial status law is illegally & articially defining us as < Indian Act status Indians< that is not inherent right or treaty law status citizenship whatsoever…Indian Act law is the only major government powered and illegal management & control tool for indoctrination…we get rid of IA Dept of Indian Affairs by Indian Action class action lawsuit and replace over transition period treaty and inherent rights head commissions (or whatever chosen)-national…regional and local levels spearheaded by clanmothers and traditional leadership and so forth.


  3. WOW you mentioned the Chippewas of Nawash ( Nayashinngaming) where my 18 year old daughters Anishnabi fathers bloodline flows (also bloodline related to kettle and stoney Point) and where I lived at Nawash for several years too… a beautiful inspiring nation-clan mothers are strong!


  4. and to finally finish …Lily -my daughter- is a young 18 year old Mikmaq and Anishnabi artist being trained in Video Game Design (one year done -2 years to go) and plans on launching her own Mikmaq and Anishabi video game-she already has her vision of an evolved Mikmaq plus Anishnabi legend:)


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