Niimkikah Podcast June 7

Interview with Anishinabek Kwe Beth Elson of Beausoleil First Nation who is reclaiming an Ontario Provincial Park that the Province has closed down which is on her Nation’s Traditional Territory. She has built a Traditional Teaching Lodge and MNR is responding negatively despite court cases Meshake, Sundown which allow such activity. Interview with Micmac War Chief, John Levi of Elsipogtog who’s community seized a Shale Gas Mining Truck on their Traditional Territory. RCMP Charged Young People and Women, a Call out to Warriors. Music by Backwordz Medicine.

ACTION’s Niimkii Kah Podcast June 7

3 thoughts on “Niimkikah Podcast June 7

  1. But the words of Mackenzie and other residents of Innu communities from different parts of Nitassinan (the Innu traditional territory, which comprises much of northeastern Quebec and Labrador) raise doubts about the true nature of the government’s new “North for all” plan.


  2. Published in 1934, Frederick van de Water’s biography Glory Hunter was more critical, as expressed by the title. But, it was not until the last half of the 20th century that historians fully reappraised Custer’s actions, which had led to the deaths of his entire command. In this same period, activists and historians had led Americans generally to recognize their historic mistreatment of the various Indian tribes in the settling of the American West , and the role of the U.S. Cavalry in suppressing the Indians. These social changes have altered the understanding of the battle (and by extension, of Custer’s role). The battle is now seen as a confrontation between Native Americans’ defending their traditional lands and way of life and European-American settlers relentlessly expanding westward from their historic territory, with the aid of the US Army.


  3. Two Arab men in Dar es Salaam. Official publicity shot for the Tanganyikan government of two Arab men dressed in traditional robes with turbans. The man nearest to the camera carries a curved dagger with a decorative sheath. Probably Dar es Salaam, Tanganyika Territory (Tanzania), circa 1960. Dar es Salaam, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, Eastern Africa, Africa.


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