2 thoughts on “Anishinabe Red Path

  1. Yeh Akoh! backward dance the Obsidian Blade of Truth with humor ~ eloquently produced and delivered…
    In the old story telling tradition, of call and response, we send this back to you with love:

    The People’s and Bee’s have always had a harmonious relationship. Some of our Mayan Elder’s speak of this time being the time of the People of the Honey. It has been said that Bees are born from the tears of Father Sun.
    Bee is the number 6, the six-sided shape of their honeycombs and associated with Venus, our Morning and Evening Star. The beehive, the symbol of spiritual community or tribe.
    We listen to their bussing mantra which is the nectar of joy, love, the Beauty Way, and cooperation for the greater good of the whole, and their “queenbee” who is inner and inter connected with Mother Earth. Bees follow their intuition and Spirit, seeking the nectar of the Flower of Truth.
    Do not under-estimate bees, for they too have their protector and healing societies. When Bee appears they may be calling one to a gathering, camp, spiritual site.
    Pilamaylo, with gratitude for who you are,


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