3 thoughts on “Zaasakwe Online Radio: Inter Tribal Newscast (Week of Nov 28- Dec 4)

  1. I was reading you article on the “White Paper”, and you lost me within the first few paragraphs. Could you please give me your references. i would like to read the original documents you used to write this article.


  2. I don’t agree with you on this my dear. Peter Adler is not white obviously. But you hate for white people should not include me. I was discriminated in Canada better than any of you but I am indeed white, blue eyes, blond. Why don’t you say how it should be said Saxon or Anglo- Saxon. I have nothing to do with
    what happened to you or your ancesters. Please have the balls to specify who exactly of the white people you hate. If it is Anglo-Saxon I tend to agree. Thank you.


    1. Scroll on Then if I offend and you don’t agree. Thank You. White People are not a Race but a People where even “descendants” with so called Indigenous Heritage and who may have brown skin can also be considered “White.” White means without substance where White is a color and not a race, culture or ethnicity or land base and who adopt the patriarchal imperial systems of colonialism. If you disagree you are free to not follow this site, easy to turn the channel, log off, etc.


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