This is Not Canada Day Event

Negig Clan Heritage Centre set up at Thunder Beach Dock Company on
unceeded Anishinaabe lands in Tiny ON on June 21 2021 to raise awareness
on historical injustices. Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister has Cottage nearby

A March from Church of St Florence, 150 Green Point Rd, Thunder Beach Tiny, ON to Thunder Beach Dock Company, West Shore Drive to hear Indigenous Speakers from the Georgian Bay Territory speak on Indigenous History of Canada. 130 pm.


Leeanne Stevens, Chippewas of Nawash, Conducting Water Ceremony and Talk on Organizing Anishinaabe Warrior Society, Land Defenders, Reclaiming Old Routes

Angeline Sandy, Chimnissing Anishinabek, Intergenerational Trauma from Residential Schools

Shaylynn Marsden, Chimnissing Anishinabek, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Womens, Peoples

Metis and French History to Tiny, TBA

Johnny Hawke, Canada, A Country without a Constitution, History of Area and Beach Rights Campaign

Take out Feast

Drum Groups, Hand Drummers Welcome
Can pay a humble honorarium for travel

Bring, Lawn Chairs, Banners, Tobacco to offer to Water. Parking available at the Church. Using our Covid Common Sense.

Location: 150 Green Point Rd, Thunder Beach, Tiny, ON

This is a last minute organized event. If you’d like to speak on an issue and added to event agenda call 705 529 3676. Johnny Hawk

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