Callout: OPP want to Remove Land Defender from Unsurrendered Lands infringing on Rights

CALL OUT: Johnny Hawk has been occupying Beaches of unsurrendered Negik Clan Anishinaabe Territory since June 21, 2021 on various spots Tiny Township unlawfully occupies. On Monday July 19 he moved onto what is assumed to be Private Property, Beaches on 13th Concession on Nottawaga Beach. OPP are attempting to remove him and will be mtg on Monday July 26 morning. Documents Below show he his not on Private Property but unceeded unsurrendered Indigneous Lands as well Simcoe and Tiny Townships website show the spot he is on is not Private but what is termed “open space” Come Support Johnny on Monday and film the OPP’s attempt of removal. Johnny Cell 705 529 3676. Help Call Update Media

JOHNNY’S CAMP/TEEPEE is located on beach not designated as private property

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