Honour what the Vets Fought for, Right here, Right Now

By: Johnny Hawk

If we’re honouring VETERANS then need keep fighting what they did for right here, right now. Colonization was abolished Dec 14 1946 under Chapter XI of the Charter of the United Nations. (The Declaration on the Granting of Independence to Colonial Countries and Peoples)

As soon as we exercise our Sovereignty in defence of our Territories Canada sends in Armed Forces on Elders, Women, Children and even Veterans who served in their Military. The War on the so called Indian has never stopped. Canadians are now becoming the new Indian. Lest We Forget

U.K 1893 Statute Revision Act: States no other heirs and successors of the Monarchy shall have authority within the Dominions.

U.K 1931 Statute of Westminster the U.K absolved itself from the Dominions so they can become an Independent State which included relinquishing “Crown” Lands obtained via Treaties and its obligations to Indigenous Nations in Canada.
Oct 1947; Williams Lyon Mckenzie King, forged a document Constituting the Office of the Governor General to make it appear Canada was still attached to the U.K. King George IV never signed such a document. The U.K has never dispatched at G.G to Canada since prior to 1931.

U.K 1982 Amends the 1867 BNA Act into 1982 Constitution Act: The Queen had no Authority/Jurisdiction to do this for Canada. No Constitution Exists for Canada. Canada is only a Dictator Corporation violating International Laws and what the Veterans Fought for.

All Lands are Territories of the Original Peoples including the Wealth created and deposited in the Consolidated Revenue Account. Canadians have no Constitution. The Queen has no Authority or Jurisdiction. The Courts and Laws, Agents being administered under Her Majesty are violating International Law in which the Veterans Fought to Free other Colonized Peoples.

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