Territorial Clan Council Fires

ACTION is the spark that is rekindling our Territorial Clan Council Fires through out our vast Nation that knows no colonial borders such as provinces, states, treaties and prisoner of war camps called reservations illegally created by the US and Canada.

1560485_496094213845658_691911865_nOjibwe pictograph of Gichi Gami-2

Within the Eastern Territory of our Nation we have an alliance with the Haudenasaune in Agreements known as the One Dish with One Spoon, Ojibway Friendship s_topTEMP325x350-6525Belts. Acknowledged in these Agreements are strategic Anishinabek gathering places and Territorial Council Fires represented by Hereditary Clan Chiefs. In Bawaating so called Sault Ste Marie is a great gathering place represented by the Ajichak “Crane” Clan, in Manido Mnissing the Whitefish Clan and in Benawdawaangwiishiing, the Amik Clan and in Mnjikaaning the Adik Clan and in the Thames River the Migizi Clan. For detailed research on this Click OJIBWAY BELT

For our Protection we will only share online, limited information on location of such Council Fires and Camps. If you would like to unite, organize, mobilize with ACTION contact: ojibwayrebel@gmail.com

ACTION’s Base Camp: Amik Council Fire                                         Oshkimaadziig Unity Camp                                                                                                                                               Oshkimaadziig Unity Camp is located at the Amik Doodem Council Fire; one of five Aninishinaabek territorial council fires acknowledged within the Anishinaabek-Haudenasaunee Alliance Belt. This Council Fire area is currently being illegally occupied by the so called Province of Ontario’s Awenda Provincial Park. 

400 Awenda Park Rd, Tiny Twnshp, ON
Corner of Awenda Park Rd/All Port Rd, Look for Flags
For more info contact: ojibwayrebel@gmail.com


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