Shuck and Jiving, Duck and Diving

Shuck n Jiving, Duck n Diving: We need decolonize from Internalized Racism first or we just fooling ourselves where majority of our own are Mascots, Puppet Role Models, Lapdogs, House Negro’s, Tonto’s and Hang-Around-the-Forts helping to employ capitalism which is racism’s conjoined twin; where societies institutions are all based on this and intended to only serve and protect those with capital. Capital is accumulated by theft of labor “slavery” and theft of land.

Even our Movements can be used against us. Hip-hop born out of self empowerment of the Black Community is now a tool to keep masses programmed to a culture of violence, drugs, alcohol, misogyny and materialism; values of the Slave Master who owns the Entertainment Industry. The rich and famous all seeing “eyeCons” pay a price to play and remain silient when they see shit in that world just as BIPOC cops are in the blue fraternity “the force” and keep silent when they see their brothers do some whack racist shit.

The Lone Ranger chooses a Tonto where the NGO Industrial Complex and White “Ally’s” will support certain individuals or a community where their white privilege determines which of our “issues”, “camps” becomes a focal point of our movement. This takes away from our evolution of our decolonization and concentrates us on one issue keeping us as a Pan Indian Movement that leaves us open for infiltration and being directed and manipulated by outside agenda’s. These factors also create the Celeb Activist or fAIM warrior that preaches sovereignty and that we need to be just as Warrior as they are yet we are not supported the way they are by NGO’s, Allies, FanCLubs and have to feed and shelter our family by participating in this racist, capitalist system.

At a time when Sundances and Ceremonies were made illegal our people were only permitted to dance for white people in Buffallo Bills Wild west Shows this is where Powwow originates from. Our Communities today are a Powwow Culture where we throw on superficial images, language over colonial institutions to be acceptable and tolerable for white society. The Aboriginal Industry of social workers, chief and councils, lawyers profit off of our misery that administer government programs and values of capitalism, promoting agreements that extinguish who we are and title to our lands for money that goes back to the oppressors economy. We have lots of work to do that starts by first tearing down internalized racism and its institutions in our own communities before we can even think of addressing the racism of our oppressor.

Reflections of our Resistance and Uprisings

By: Kaikaikons

Some frustrated thoughts on our periodical “uprisings” and our resistance “movements”

I not against any frontline actions like lighting a cop car or court house up even if it’s by provocateurs sent in or if shit is planned by the State because a revolution does need to happen however our actions we employ when all peaceful measures are exhausted be it blockades or so called riots that flare up throughout the decades always become pacified and dissipates as the rage of the masses who are engaged in such temporary actions doesn’t channel itself to become an organized sustained revolution or self sufficient revolutionary organization. After the ceremony, blockade, march or so called “riot” we always go back to the same capitalist consumerist society we say we against and dependent on after the State capitalizes more then us from our reactions.

Often times our actions, camps, blockades, supporters, allies get sold out and compromised by those at the helm in order to negotiate with the State to sit at some table; sign some MOU or agreement, enter their courts being tricked to give up our power and acknowledge the authority of the oppressor and any momentum and actions gained as leverage is lost.

The Oppressor since the 60’s/70’s CointelPro have infiltrated our movements where today most get hijacked if not already have agents built in from the getgo. Hip Hop started as a grassroots movement but now is very misogynistic and a capitalist tool controlled by the oppressor’s propaganda Entertainment Industry to control the minds of the masses to keep the values of this capitalist system that keeps us enslaved. Pan Indian Movements are dangerous also for being infiltrated and hijacked where organizing within our own community as Clans for accountability can help stop this.

Critical Thinking and Questioning Things is also under attack nowadays where many critical thinkers and people questioning sketchy things are now being discredited and minimized as divisive or tin foil hat wearing “conspiracy theorists.” We must not give into paranoia but we must be able to have critical thinking and questioning things that may seem out of the box as this is what being “woke” is about and allows us to not be controlled by others who may be stuck with “in the box” thinking.

Popularity Clubs and the rise of the Celebrity Activist and Cool Kids Clubs is very real and also hijacked our movements. I see many self proclaimed Warriors preach Sovereignty but dependent on their FanClubs, Groupies and NGO’s to fund their life yet expect the rest of us to be just as Warrior as them when we do not enjoy the same attention and support these types seem to constantly get and demand. I’ve also experienced where we all preach accountability in our movements and calling out shit yet it seems certain ppl are not held to the same standards and are exempt and given a pass of “we all make mistakes” as they continue to shit on others and those who call shit out get accused of lateral violence for calling out actual lateral violence. In short there is no accountability in our movements. Why would I want to work with those who dont empower others just their own careers and camps and act just as the oppressor we claim to be against.

Before engaging in some righteous rebellion ask yourself, is it worth it to jeopardize my well being and freedom if those at the helm of the movement are gonna just end up selling me out and go against principle; is my emotions, reactions, thinking being manipulated to serve an agenda am I just giving into more social conditioning? Are we even organized enough to take on the beast or is this just to bait and cattle us in?

I am a Nobody and these just my observations and experience of being engaged in our resistance movements over the years and my critical thinking and frustrations where I’m still free enough to share which are also valid thoughts. Consider me whatever you want for my critical thinking, I no care what others think nor do I resist or part of collectives and movements to be popular but hardly feel my opinion matters anyways as I no celeb activist or fAIM Warrior to influence others by my critical thinking which may appear as “conspiracy theories” at times as I feel the ppl can think for themselves. I think.

Solutions through Fasting and Dreams

By: Kaikaikons (Johnny Hawk)

Few Yrs Ago the Rez was putting Water Lines to Powwow Grounds at the Lake. I live across the Road. I was walking home and passed Water Treatment worker in dirt hole on the road working. I walked by and jokingly but outta instinct said “Did you find any Ancestors yet”…Hour Goes By, Rez Cops was there and then Govt Car. They found ancestors. They dug up a Wendat Ossuary nobody knew about as there was archeologists here in the 80’s. There was a small prayer with a few spiritual ppl from here and returned them to the earth but moved them on the side of the road and put up a poor effort of 2×4 fence where road still goes through where they once laid. I question if this was anywhere else off Rez in Town how loud n angry would we be crying injustice?

Last night I had a dream were many of our own Ppl were wearing these Facemask’s everybody is now wearing for the virus and wearing some kind of green uniforms and protecting the constructing of something over the ossuary. I yelled at them to stop being sellouts then all sudden I had bunch of our own ppl Anishinabek and Wendat together in Regalia stopping them and we did Ceremony for these Ancestors. These Wendat that were here b4 us Anishinabe on C.I were chased here by Kanienkeha’ka and starved as there was nothing to eat here and many died this was influenced by European Control of an Economy and know as the Beaver Wars. Us Anishinabek came down and fought Haudenasaunee and eventually established peace and alliance. My Territorial Clan Council Fire were given a belt to hold called Beaver bowl or Dish with One Spoon and we was to renew through ceremony with the Haudenasaunee.

In 2011 I fasted to seek what I should do where 3 communities were voting on accepting a land settlement agreement (surrender). In my Fast I dreamed many fish and birds were coming up on shores dead and I had to feed them to stop it. At the coming out feast I shared what I dreamed and on that same night on the news it reported thousands of fish dead on shores of Georgian bay. Long story short, my dream told me we shouldn’t surrender title to the land as it’s not for us to do and if we do we have to give up something where our ppl will be like those fish and birds. The Midewewiin of my community my cousin took my dream serious as it happened and was told our community needed to feast our bay. They invited their Mide Grand Chief here but did not let me share my dream in its full meaning. Later on after the agreement was accepted ppl in our communities young and old began dying off in numbers not seen before. I not saying it was a result of accepting the settlement but ultimately a result of accepting white mans lifestyle; sugar, processed foods causing cancer, alcohol, drugs that took many young n old. As a result of this Fast 2 other community members did some actions which let to a reclamation camp in Awenda Provincial Park, “Council Rock” to relight our Clan Council Fires and uphold our Agreements in these Belts. I was faced with tests with relationships, friendships and our camp went silent.

In 2018 another Agreement came along involving 13 Million Acres in a shady 1923 Treaty the settlement was again accepted. In April 2019 my Dad passed I took this that I needed to get back to myself and my own dream and nurture those fires. In June I erected a blockade at the main entrance at Awenda Park and for 5 weeks with the help of a Grandmother and fellow Firekeeper. I am now in the Courts challenging Canada’s fraudulent Constitution.

I am not sharing this to boast. I am no holy roller, I’ve struggled with alcohol. I am no celeb activist or in these spiritual hierarchal clubs and popularity contests, I pissed people off, people I care about, I’ve even had a smear campaign against me by my own cousin who turned many ppl against me and the work I was doing however I am sharing this as a responsibility to my dreams. I’ve not been drinking for sometime and my dreams have been getting stronger and speaking to me more again. When we fast we go without so others may live. During this so called Pandemic many realities have been revealing itself on the illusion that is society. The solutions on how to kill this sickness and what really is going on and what we need to be doing is right there if we step away from the poisons and pay attention to our own dreams. We pray and protest and blockade against a way of life we say we’re against but how many of our own are waiting to return to that way of life once “this shit is over?” If I can be re-connected and opened up to Spirit so can You! No need to be a follower of someone else or their Popularity Clubs. Nurture that Fire.

Resistance Movements In Distress

The use of flags originate from warfare and colonization. An upside down flag in the U.S Military symbolizes “dire distress and extreme danger to life or property.” Our Peoples had our own articles such as Eagle Staffs, Wampum Belts, Totem Poles to identify ourselves where today sellouts use flags that are a tool to identify themselves as entities under the jurisdiction of a foreign law. This Flag known both as the “Mohawk Warrior Flag” or “Indian Unity Flag” designed by Louis Hall of Kanawake in the mid 1970’s has come to symbolize the Resistance of Indigenous Nations in defense of Territory and Rights. This particular flag has its origins with the Kanieneke:haka People which created a “civil war” and division but that is for the People of those communities to share.

By Kaikaikons Atik Doodem (Johnny Hawk)

The collective mobilization of resistance that explodes across our Territories every so often eventually pacifies itself back into co-operating within the constructs of neo-colonialism where the populous engaged in the recent Wetsuwe’tin Solidarity Campaigns have now shifted into the “Stay The Fuck Home” Movement. This social conditioning is understandable for those influenced by group-think, fear, and the mass media entertainment propaganda machine but what is disheartening is Spiritual Leaders, Celebrity type Activists and Warriors who’ve become the face of Resistance are now following orders where the Resistance has become shockingly silent.

Where are our Movement Leaders? If we are not organizing as a collective to become self-sustainable and unified then we need to question what this pandemic actually is if we claim to be “woke.” I am not saying this virus is fake as the seasonal flu kills thousands each year and where bio-warfare has been waged on people by governments in the past but we need to question the fear that is being produced by the Government and Media. There are credible Scientists and Doctors sharing critical thoughts on this pandemic who are not being given a platform on corporate media and who are unattached to big pharma which is a huge red flag.

The Leaderships under the BIA and INAC system characteristically will continue to “hang-around-the-fort” propagating the oppressors narrative and go along with the government funded response to this pandemic in which they are only helping to turn our communities into sitting ducks. There is no community participation in discussing and making decisions that effect our lives which is taking a back seat as we are in “lock down.” There is no community meetings happening although many of our communities have the technology to make this happen. Many communities are in an election year which most are being postponed however it doesn’t matter who is elected in this system as it is only a tool to serve the on-going assimilation agenda’s.

We do need to protect our communities but there is a difference between being cautious and being careful. Being cautious is reactionary based on the emotion of fear which makes us unable to think clearly where we can be controlled easily where being careful is an action where we use our intelligence intelligently. We are a powerful and spiritual people where creator/creation gave us an intelligence where our spirituality is based on critical thinking to use our intelligence intelligently to put into action.

Critical Thinking has seemed to be under attack in the recent decade where our movements seemed to have become pacified or outright hijacked. The least likely place where critical thinking and free speech is being oppressed is by SJW’s cancel culture where a privileged white narrative is at the helm. This “cancel culture” is mostly made up of white fragile millennial’s who go to extremes to shame and oust people who do not think exactly as they do. In our communities due to effects of colonialism I’ve observed that a perspective does not become popular or considered legitimate until it comes from a white person in a position of influence.

The use of accusing others of Lateral Violence is something that is being misused that also needs to be addressed in the issue of a barrier to critical thinking. Those seeking accountability are often accused of lateral violence in an attempt to be silenced by those actual guilty of such behavior. There are also smear campaigns, false accusations in our movements where people play into taking sides without factual evidence and based on hearsay or opinion. These are all key factors why many won’t question things where it becomes unpopular to do so but fuck that shit; as who walks into struggle to become popular anyways? The reality however is our Movements and Spiritual Circles have become Fan Clubs and Popularity Contests and is hard for those to share critical thinking required in these times.

On the Spiritual aspect is recent responses I’ve seen from Spiritual People regarding this pandemic is that they’ve received messages through ceremony directly from Spirit and Creator. I do not discredit these messages but again only question. I question why these messages that come from another plane are so generic that all we need to do is be thankful and keep prayer and we’re in a time of change. There is no new ceremonies, medicines or dances being sent from Spirit for our protection but Spiritual leaders and Elder’s do continue to say “We must learn from our Past.” If we are to “learn from our past” then we need to acknowledge that bio-warfare was used on us to exterminate us and vaccines/sterilization imposed to lower our numbers. The Government, Military, Church and Police all engaged together in genocidal acts upon our people. Our Rights were taken away and we were given a Pass System to leave our Reserves so we can participate in society. Our history is not a Conspiracy Theory. Those who shame those of us who are justified in questioning what is going on should be the one’s considered the conspiracy theorists.

Those who serve in the military and police forces sadly will take orders which will only be a benefit to the “ruling class.” Those who served in the oppressors forces must use those skills to help mobilize in a resistance to benefit the people of what is coming. We have a choice to stand up and not be fearful. There is more of us as concerned People globally then there is of these global elites who only want to gain more profits from depopulation, quarantining and control, crashing economies, taking away our rights by bringing it all on through technocracy. Some Matrix and Skynet fiction is becoming reality very fast if there was every a time for a Resistance it is now.

(Below Dr and Scientist Shiva Ayyadurai who invented email at age 14 with credentials to the nine’s holds 4 degrees from MIT, a PHD in biological engineering who studies the immune system daily and unattached to big pharma and globalist elites share scientific/biological facts and critical thoughts on the fear being created for profits and control)

FOOD FOR THOUGHT: Warriors Eat Last

By Johnny Hawk

Let’s not compare our current actions with self defensive armed struggles within our past if we’re not prepared to first be armed ourselves. Blockades or even being Armed in Self Defence is not the Resistance but only tools of the Resistance as is the Sweatlodge, the Community Greenhouse and Food Cooperative.

The Black Panther Party for Self Defence was an Armed Vanguard for their Ppl and focused on delivering many social programming such as, Medical, Schools and Feed the People Programs to totally resist the System and be a Self Sustainable Organized Movement not dependent and in resistance to Govt programming.

Black Panther Bobby Seale organizing the “Feed the People” Program

In our teachings a Warrior is to provide for the people and is to eat last, there is nothing wrong with supporting our warriors or asking for help however today’s Warrior seems dependent at times on calling out for financial donations where those more “well known” are funded by NGO’s, Settler Allies to even Govt Grants and forget to empower or “feed” others who may not get the same attention and support like the Youth Suicide Crisis for instance. We tend to also create a celebrity out of “Activists” who then make careers off the Struggle where certain individuals and issues are given continued support over others which only creates divisions, sects, ego’s, popularity clubs preventing the empowering of creating more needed warriors and camps and a collective revolutionary organization.

As we organize we need to be careful not to recreate the loose Pan Indian Movements of the past to recent mobilization seen at Standing Rock and through Idle No More which opens us up to infiltration and is also limited to what we are trying to achieve and most times has issues of unaccountability. Organizing to make change starts first within our own families/clans and communities. An indigenous Nationalism type of Organization may be seen as Pan Indian however we had Confederacy’s among our Nations that were well organized.

Kwame Toure a Revolutionary talked about “the conscious and unconscious” in struggle and to know the difference between mobilization and being organized. I like to put it as, after the blockade, ceremony, march we go back to a way of life we say we’re against. Some even go back being employed to help keep us colonized. It seems every 7-10 yrs there is an individual cause that creates a national solidarity movement then it ends only to resurface to repeat itself. If we are sincere with our solidarity then we would commit to coming back into our communities to engage in revolutionary initiatives and remove ourselves from the “system”
Fred Hampton of the Black Panthers spoke about the importance of being educated priot to Action. This is imperative as many give their blind allegiance to movements and people who look the part even to Hereditary Leaderships who are selling out and promoting things like Section 35 and UNDRIP and using the Supreme Court of Canada which all are based on the doctrine of discovery that put the Nation State as owner of the whole lands and jurisdiction over our Nations.

Not Tryna be a Hater but if we want to be Real than we got to speak some of these Realities. and I’m far from a FB Warrior as this is just one tool to be used just like the SACRED pIPE to the Gun in Self Defense. No Give Up!

It’s not Enough just to say these are our Lands; We must know how KKKanada is a lie and raise Constitutional Challenge’s

By Kaikaikons, Adik Doodem

When our People stand up against so called Canada to reclaim or in defense of our Territories it is not enough to just say these our lands but also to hold up their fictitious laws showing how they usurp our Jurisdiction as Clans and Nations under Tribal Law. We need to make constitutional challenges more often when we are charged under their law. The Revolutionist, Kwame Ture (Stockely Carmichael) said “Mobilization is temporary and based on reactionary emotions where Organization is Permanent.” This is key in learning from our past and current actions in our collective Resistance Movement where the majority of our People after the blockade, march, vigil, ceremony always go back to a way of life we say we’re against at these political powwow events. This critique may be harsh but when Hereditary Chief Namooks of the Wet’suwet’en; a Nation who has gained recent support in unity has been documented on APTN News as saying “We as Canadians, We as British Columbians, Our Judicial System” where activists and supporters shout slogans of UNDRIP and Section 35 are collectively putting the Indigenous and our lands under this fiction called Canada by doing so. The Unconscious need to be Conscious and know what you are standing under as in “under-standing”. Here is some inner-standing to help the unconscious become conscious.

  • The jurisdiction of Maritime Admiralty Law; The law of Water internationally governs commerce by chartered corporations (ships). This law was first implemented upon our continent as a Papal Bull in 1493 permitting the genocide of our Peoples and theft of our lands.
  • We never capitulated to any foreign or domestic Nations where Canada is attempting to do this by incorporating us under the same jurisdiction of the doctrine of discovery, the Indian Act and Section 35 through many “modern treaty” agreements.
  • We recognize the 1867 BNA Act was not a Constitution but an Act of the UK Parliament to unify four colonies as one; Whose only power was advising the Governor-General. Canada is not a legitimate Government.
  • We recognize the BNA ACT served as Letters Patent for a Governor General as Corporation Sole where jurisdiction over “Indians and Lands reserved for Indians” was fraudulently given to the Parliament of Canada breaching the 1764 Niagara Treaty. Canada’s Indian Act Bands are not the proper authority for our Nations and Confederacy’s.
  • We recognize that the UK’s Statutes Law Revision Act (1893) eliminated the succession rights of British Monarchs as the Monarch of Canada as was found in Section 2 of the BNA Act 1867. The Crown has no longer any authority in any agreements with our Nations.
  • We recognize the UK’s Statute of Westminster (1931) relinquished the Crown’s authority in its Dominions; As a result all lands ceded within Treaties between our Nations and the Crown reverted back to the Indigenous Nations and whereas all laws, courts, court decisions and agreements in the name of the Crown are null and void.
  • We recognize the Bank of Canada in 1974 was turned over to the International Monetary Fund and Private International Banks that print Canada’s money loaning it out at outrageous rates of compound interest to the Defacto Government of Canada. Canada’s Bank Act permits that these Banks do not require anything to back up it’s money. Stats Canada reported in 2006 that $160 Million per day goes towards interest owed to these Banks. This International Banking Scheme is fraud and counterfeit. Canada Financial Reports state $26 billion a year is made from our Natural Resources for their De facto Government where Canada has no Natural Resources and all profits created comes from the exploitation of our Territories. Ratifying Agreements that rely and utilize such Banks and acceptance of Canadian currency is complicit in this Fraud.
  • We recognize that the 1982 Constitution Act; the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is only the incorporation document for a maritime ship (corporation) and not a Constitution. Queen Elizabeth II was never Canada’s Head of State via the UK’s Statutes Law Revision Act and had no authority over the development of the Constitution Act 1982. The UOI asserts it’s ANGA to be under Section 35 of a fraudulent Constitution in which ratifying such an Agreement with a defacto Government is suicidal. Any Agreements between this defacto government and its subordinate Indian Bands have no legal standing.

“Our task is not to teach the people to be conscious but to make them conscious of their unconscious behaviour” Kwame Ture.

Former Grand Chief of AFN and UOI opposes Governance Agreement

NORTH BAY ON – A Grassroots Collective representing Anishinabeg Clan Council Fires gathered outside the Union of Ontario Indians Head Office on Thursday February 6th to demand the scrap of the organizations Anishinabek Governance Agreement being made under Canada’s Self Government Policy.

 They are not happy with the agreement that is to be voted on this month and wanted to bring their concerns, but when they showed up for their meeting, they say they were denied.

Organizer Johnny Hawk says they were set to meet with the Grand Council Chief, but got the runaround, even after confirming with multiple emails and locked out of the Head Office.

“This week, I got five emails already that confirmed for us to meet. So they just reneged on our meeting and this is a red flag for what the future holds under the Self Government Agreement, if our people can’t even talk and meet. We’ve even extended to meet through ceremony and by our pipes” said Hawke.

Former Assembly of First Nation Grand Chief and of the Union of Ontario Indians, Del Riley of Chippewa of the Thames who was influential in incorporating Section 35 Aboriginal Rights in the Constitution Act 1982 was in attendance and fully opposes the organization and the agreement.

Video from Real Peoples Media

Organizer Johnny Hawke says they want to put a stop to the self-governing agreement because he feels it extinguishes underlying title of Indigenous territories and puts us under the jurisdiction of Canada.

“It is also not reflective of meaningful working relationships with the people, and the denial of this meeting exemplifies that perfectly.” says Hawke

Hawke from the Beausoleil First Nation also says his community does not have the required ratified Constitution to participate where he says his community should not even be participating in a vote.

“What the Indian Act Council is doing in my community is not listening to its people on many issues which is the case in many First Nations. No proper ratified documents are being used which may be issues of fraud where we feel Canada is pushing this Agreement to finally extinguish who we are as a Nation.” says Hawke

“We’ve never capitulated under any foreign or domestic jurisdiction where Canada and the Union of Ontario Indians are doing that by incorporating us under the same law as the doctrine of discovery.” explains Hawke.

Only 15 First Nations of the 39 Communities the Union of Ontario Indians advocates for are participating. Hawke is also concerned with the UOI’s negotiating teams.

“Martin Bayer, lead negotiator for the UOI on this agreement is linked to mining companies and is concerning where mining companies want full access to our lands. This agreement is an empty contract and same old historical tricks” says Hawke

Grassroots demand Stop of Anishininabek Governance Agreement with Grand Council Chief

For Immediate Release                                              February 5th 2020

(Dish With One Spoon Territory) A Grassroots Collective representing the Anishinabeg Clan Council Fires recognized by the Anishinaabeg and Haudenasaunee Wampum Belt Treaties and PreConfederation Treaties with the Crown will be meeting with Grand Council Chief of Union of Ontario Indians at its Head Office on Thursday February 6th to demand the scrap the Anishinabek Governance Agreement.

“We acknowledge only 15 communities remain in this ratification process and feel UOI has lost touch with our People and feel they do not represent us as true Anishinabe under our own laws, the Clan System which is our Constitution.” Says Johnny Hawke one of the Groups Organizer’s  

“We never capitulated to any foreign or domestic Nations where Canada and the Union of Ontario Indians are attempting to do this by incorporating us under the same jurisdiction of the doctrine of discovery, the Indian Act and Section 35 through this agreement” – Says Hawke  

The Group is comprised of the North Shore Cannabis Association, Robinson Huron Treaty Hunters and Elders and Community Organizers and members the Union of Ontario Indians claim to represent who have agreed to meet at their head office to hear these concerns. 

“We extended and offer to smoke pipe with our Clan Heads and Elders in which UOI declined to smoke pipe with us the People at the meeting. This demonstrates a red flag on how they connect with the people where they as an organization are trying to be the head Government for our People.” Says Hawke

For More Info Contact:

Johnny Hawke

705 529 5658 – Cell

Lead Negotiator for AGA linked to Mining Companies

People might want to ask R. Martin Bayer some questions about this? Here is his publicly available email:

From Janice Switlo

This is critical information for Anishinaabe nationals to know in considering the state of the ANGA (Anishinabek Nation Governance Agreement) – do you know who the negotiator is?
Is the intention behind the ANGA whether conscious or not, really about the people’s interests? OR, is it about clearing off the underlying title of the land for the benefit of mines and resource development interests?

(See for example: ” ‘Despite over a decade of talk and more than $20 million invested, real progress on the Ring of Fire has been met with delay after delay,’ Rickford said in a statement. ‘That’s why Ontario is taking a new, pragmatic approach to unlocking the Ring of Fire’s potential, one that includes working directly with willing First Nation partners.’ The region … holds one of the world’s richest deposits of chromite … as well as nickel, copper and platinum, valued at anywhere from $30 billion to $60 billion.” Shawn Jeffords, The Canadian Press, “Ontario government rips up Ring of Fire agreement with First Nations to pursue individual deals.” posted August 27, 2019 1:16 pm)

There was a panel held on January 28 by the Union of Ontario Indians promoting its ANGA (Anishinabek Nation Governance Agreement).

It was revealed there that R. Martin Bayer, a lawyer at the Ontario law firm Weaver Simmons LLP, is the negotiator.
The law firm still lists him as an active lawyer, so it can be presumed that he has been billing legal fee rates for his services on the ANGA. (Lawyers in general typically charge hundreds of dollars per billable hour where a minimal .2 hour is recorded for everything done on a file, even if it’s only that a thought turns to the client, say, while in the bathroom.)
But that’s minor in the scheme of things – read on.
Bayer is a member of the Canadian Aboriginal Minerals Association and of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC). “The PDAC is one of the world’s most respected and successful mineral industry associations. With more than 7,500 members, it is committed to furthering and supporting the mineral exploration and development industry and the people and companies working in it.”

Left: Martin Bayer; AGA Lead Negotiator for Union of Ontario Indians helping to incorporate the Anishinabek Nation under Canada’s Jurisdiction with Union of Ontario Indians Head Band Office Chief, Glen Hare and Canada’s Head Indian Agent, Carolyn Bennett. ANGA is under Section 35 of Canada’s Constitution Act 1982 where Canada assumes underlying title to Indigenous Territories and regulates Indigenous Rights

Bayer is also a Laurentian University Goodman School of Mines Advisory Committee member.
Also according to the law firm, Bayer took this course in 2015: Course Detail: CERTABLAW – The Osgoode Certificate in Foundations in Aboriginal Law (this course no longer has sessions scheduled) Note, that was a day or few days course and not a term like at law school. For example, on March 3, 2020 to March 7, 2020, Osgoode Professional Development Centre offers a certificate session, Course Detail: CERTIDLAW – The Osgoode Certificate in Fundamentals of Indigenous Peoples and Canadian Law.

Bayer also took this 4-day course in 2014: Course Detail: CERTNEG – The Osgoode Certificate in Negotiation, next offered November 23, 2020 to November 27, 2020, Osgoode Professional Development Centre.
In 2012, the firm says, Bayer took the course, The Osgoode Certificate in Mining Law.
“Weaver, Simmons LLP is the largest law firm in Northern Ontario. For over 85 years we have proudly served northern interests … At Weaver, Simmons LLP, over 30 full-time lawyers practice in the areas of … corporate, commercial, real estate, aboriginal law, mining and natural resources, …”
This is a very politically well connected law firm, as the King’s Counsel and Queen’s Counsel designations show:

“Since 1929, Weaver, Simmons LLP has been supporting the North. Founded in 1929, the firm was originally named McKessock, Wilkins and Facer. In 1946, Cecil Facer continued the office with a new partner, William Shea. Facer was awarded King’s Counsel in 1945 … One of the first female lawyers and believed to be the first female partner, was Mary Patricia Weaver. Ms. Weaver came to Sudbury in the 1950s … . She … joined Facer Shea as an associate in 1962. Ms. Weaver practiced in corporate and real estate law and was awarded the honourary title of Queen’s Counsel.”
In the law firm’s Mining and Natural Resources law practice, R. Martin Bayer is listed with Queen’s Counsel (appointed in 1982) James C. Simmons, Q.C., ASM.

Simmons is a Director of Mirarco Mining Innovation, which holds that “We are the innovative research partner of choice for mining and related industries.”
Where do the loyalties actually lie? Is it any wonder the ANGA ended up structured as it is? (See YouTube channel Switlo: Sheds the Light episode “The ANGA Special” and the episodes that follow:

Mines, other resources industries, I don’t think I need to spell it out how those corporate interests are at odds with the interests of Indigenous nationals. This doesn’t mean no deals can be done but consider the significant difference between having to deal with an Indigenous nation carrying full economic sovereignty and continuing to own the land and resources (subject only to any permissions of use granted to the Crown by treaty) and only needing to “consult and accommodate” a domestic ethnic minority “group” under sec 35 doctrine. BIG difference in terms of the cost of doing business, if allowed to.
And remember, aboriginal law is domestic Canadian law – hence the title of that course above mentioned that is offered in March.
People might want to ask R. Martin Bayer some questions about this? Here is his publicly available email:

Resistance Incorporated and Social Capital: Career Activism

Popularity Contests, Red Privileged, Social Capital, Activism Careerists, Celebrity Activism, are just some terms being used to define the frustrations of those within our grassroots circles who feel their voices are not being heard or valued when attempting to seek accountability. Yes even the circles we think are to be representative of humility and spirituality have hierarchy, positions of privilege and same toxicity we find with Government Indian Structures.

This rant is an attempt to stir the pot and create a dialogue as a result of some things that have spilled out on to social media recently and periodically when those of us on the bottom of the societal ladder are denied accountability from those on top and have to call things out publicly. While not to name names I only intend to create an awareness on the issue as we need to start a dialogue to help us unlearn such colonial behaviors controlling and hijacking our movements growth.

There has always been an attempt to neutralize our movement by the invader in which there will always be divisiveness within our grassroots organizing where we can guarantee colonial agent tactics will always be at play however; learned colonial behaviors has made it so that agents are not always needed to infiltrate such movements. Those leading our communities and movements and those put up on pedestals most times unknowingly do the job of the colonizer or are so programmed that they manipulate our values and teachings in such a way that pacifies the spirit of resistance which is even more dangerous then the agent as they are major “influencers” to our people.

In this social media era Facebook has become predominantly a tool that is used to organize our movements and to create awareness and mobilize the people as witnessed in the #IdleNoMore campaign that birthed a new generation of activist and organizing style; With this studies show that social media has been creating a type of mental disorder referred to as narcissism which is bleeding over into our movements.  Social Media has created issues that intensifies ego and self gratification of instant activist credibility in our movements. This is akin to those who do not always know popular “fly by night healers” and give their trust up to them because they play the part but eventually end up getting hurt.

Social media has also created a sense of “slacktivism” and “virtue signaling” in which posting a hashtag or engaging in activist tourism; touring a camp for selfies gives one social capital and an image of being involved but only fills one’s ego at times. It’s easier to partake in social justice by posting a hashtag a selfie or showing support by saying you donated to a cause.

How often does the Youth Suicide Crisis get the same support and financial donations as some of these Celebrity Activist who are always visible on Social media popping up all over Turtle Island each week or constantly asking the people for financial help while sitting on healthy grants? Warriors are to provide and eat last no? Some have made pretty good careers off the back of our impoverished people donating to the cause. Go Fund Me Sovereignty is an oxymoron that has come to help define these “Warriors” with their perpetual handout. We need to be self sufficient not only in talk but practice and live it if we are to preach it to others no?

What is Social Capital? Social capital is defined by the value of your social networks. It informs the opportunities and resources you have access to, including who you know and what opportunities you can access. Social Capital is not always afforded to those on the bottom of the social totem pole where Popularity Clubs arise as a result. Those more visible and popular exploit their privilege to attain more resources not afforded to those in poverty and less popular just as in the capitalist world.

These Popularity Clubs and Movement Celebrities with their Fan Clubs enjoy the privilege to silence those who seek accountability and in turn discredit those with valid concerns who are not as popular. Many of us “nobody’s” have these stories.

Resistance Incorporated? We are now seeing those profiting off our collective movement and becoming a form of capitalist and benefiting individually or for their own individual cause and forgetting about the collective fight. Social capital should always be used to uplift folks not because we feel guilty, but because the work of liberation and genuine love for our fellow comrades involves reworking societal norms.

Support and Attention also needs to be redistributed to other individuals and causes if one is seeming to constantly benefit from support and donations of the people. Merchandise I noticed also is creating a BRAND for individuals and individual causes and I feel some activists are blurring the lines of BRANDS and an Authentic Movement.

Government Funding through Social Service Organizations and Programs also is a tool being used to pacify and hijack our movement. We need to be vigilant that Social Services Orgs and Programs are not in the business of social change but to perpetuate the status quo with the illusion that they are creating change. Social Service Organizations and Programs are implemented to create dependency on the System we are fighting the same System that creates much of our social ills. Being Funded by Governments and NGO’s compromises the integrity of our grassroots movements.

Many of us do have imperfections and myself do struggle also at times and take responsibility for any of my bullshit to be accountable whereas others however choose not to even address their own toxicity and hide behind their fan base. It is only by reemergence of our clan/family council fires within our communities where we can find true accountability when we need to call out certain concerns. Pan Indian Movements prevent this where anybody can come and go and where anybody can be uplifted without fully knowing who they are.

It is from my vision the we invoke and what I am working on to relight our CLAN COUNCIL FIRES in our own communities. This is where “call out culture” needs seek accountability rather then online but most times we need to do this publicly as those who hide behind their groupies are not being held accountable. Medicine and Warrior Societies and Grassroots Movements are not exempt from same colonial behaviors we see in the Band Office or Tribal Government Office.

The Indigenous Resistance Movement it seems is now a Fad and big business created by the Pan Indianism and Social Media that hijacked the true essence of our long history or resistance. We can see the same attack waged on Hip Hop Culture which started out as the voice of the grassroots and is now Celebrity Puppets controlled by the industry. Many activist and camps and groups who claim sovereignty also have side accounts where they get thousands of donations from private funders.

One of the biggest pieces of understanding social capital is that you may, at times, be unaware that you have it. Being unaware of your social capital may result in hierarchies in organizations that you may not notice.

The goal is to always step back and listen to folks who may be dealing with the harsh end of these hierarchies and uplift those in ways that are progressive to the work being done.

If you see yourself becoming the focus of a movement and you know folks who haven’t been given an opportunity to do an interview, facilitate a workshop, or organize a community meeting maybe it’s time to step back and allow others to be placed into that role.

If this hit a nerve and you consider me wrong well fine. I am just another everyday nobody not a part of the Popularity Clubs so this rant shouldnt matter to you and your cool kids club